Banga Farm Area, Sierra Leone.

Banga Farm Area in Sierra Leone is home to many widows and orphans. Their life is harsh and opportunities few, if any. Abdulai Sankoh and his wife hope to change this. They will look for sustainable programmes to raise awareness and convince the community that self-help is possible.


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The initial report and photographs are overwhelming giving a sense of a hopeless situation particularly when the finance is almost a shoe-string budget. But, there is always a starting point. Hassanatu is building a small shop at a busy junction. Here she will sell basic everyday items and any donations ARET can ship out. A starter grant has been allocated. The profits will allow additional items to be bought for restocking with the rest set aside to start a women’s group. Initially the women will be encouraged to learn more traditional crafts and to attend basic health education and basic adult education. Hopefully, we will receive regular reports from Hassanatu and Abdulai.