Thank you

There are many people who have supported these projects. Individuals have donated money, items, their skills or their time. Every penny, every pencil, every minute of time has been much appreciated.

It is quite difficult to put into words just how much the various people involved in Sierra Leone have achieved. They have dared to dream and they have managed miracles on small budgets. They constantly remind us that everyone who is involved in the UK has given a tremendous gift. They call that gift HOPE.

You can read the stories of the various projects and the individuals involved. They do their best to keep us updated but communication can be difficult.

Our thanks also go to:

Tilney Financial Services in Edinburgh and specifically to Ross Young and Neil Hardman for their support and good advice;

Alice Ifeidora from Manor Shipping Freight Services in London who makes the sending of educational boxes a smooth operation

and of course to Lindsay and Grant from Lunaria Ltd Scotland.